Frequently Asked Questions for Austin Clinic

Your first appointment will be an Initial Evaluation. A typical Initial evaluation includes manual muscle testing, manual therapy to activate muscles, and “Mapping” with the Neubie to pinpoint areas of neurological deficiency that slow down your healing or keep you in a state of chronic pain. Then you’ll get to use the Neubie during an active treatment to reset those specific areas of the body. We often see that the combination of the Neubie with functional movement patterns quickly resets or re-educates the neuromuscular system and helps improve the overall therapy experience.

To allow the maximum amount of benefit for rehabilitation, we typically recommend 2-3 appointments per week. Although, that can vary depending on the situation. For example, with athletes who are looking to get back as fast as possible to meet a deadline, we’ll sometimes do multiple sessions per day. Every situation is unique and we will work with you to establish an appropriate plan.

The Neubie is a patented and FDA-cleared electrical stimulation device. It is intended for uses like treating pain, increasing blood flow, increasing range of motion, reducing spasms, and neuromuscular re-education, all of which can help enhance recovery from pain and injury. Part of what makes the Neubie different from traditional electrical stimulation devices is the use of direct current (as opposed to alternating current) and the unique effects that has on the human body.

Semi-Private: With these sessions you will be sharing your session (and the Neubie) with another client.

1-1 Session: With these sessions you will be working out by yourself with a personal trainer.

The initial Evaluation for rehab is an hour long, and each follow-up visit after that will be 45 minutes.

Personal Training sessions are 55 minutes long.

Yes. Our Austin facility is NeuFit’s HQ. In addition to offering rehabilitation and fitness services, we are constantly innovating new treatments, techniques, and technologies and teaching them to others around the world. If you are interested in visiting any of the other practitioners who offer NeuFit services, please check out our directory.

Go to our NeuFit Providers page to find a practitioner closest to where you live that uses the Neubie.

The Neubie is not a TENS unit. Part of what makes the Neubie unique is the fact that it utilizes direct current and its other technical specifications. 

By using direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), the Neubie maximizes the potential for neuromuscular re-education and improved neurophysiological function. When you turn up a TENS unit or other traditional e-stim device, the patient will typically have protective co-contractions that promote inefficient movement patterns and can limit the effectiveness of the intervention. With the unique waveform of the Neubie, you can minimize those protective contractions and provide higher levels of sensory, or afferent, input.

There is also some evidence that DC can promote tissue healing and repair. Whereas the AC signal in traditional devices creates electric fields that switch direction many times per second, direct current sustains an electric field in one direction for a longer period of time. This electric field can orient—and possibly increase—the activity of cells that repair and regenerate all types of tissues, including bone, muscle, and connective tissue.

Besides using direct current, the Neubie’s waveforms have been engineered to reduce resistance and irritation to the skin, along with the discomfort associated with electric charge accumulation (which often occurs with traditional direct cur- rent devices).

To read more about these concepts or review some of the scientific references that support our work, please check out our Science page.

That depends. Although it’s impossible to guarantee results in therapy or fitness, we have measured our own statistics and seen that 90% of patients report some progress in just their first visit. For some, that means reductions in pain. For others, it’s improvements in strength, range of motion, coordination, or a sense of well-being. And while we cannot promise results, we do promise to let you know our expectations of how much we think our treatments can help so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

At our home office here in Austin, our services are self-pay. For many clients who have FSA or HSA options, our services usually qualify and those accounts can be used. In other facilities, NeuFit services are sometimes covered by insurance. If you are considering working with a particular provider, please ask them directly about whether they accept insurance. Please check the NeuFit Provider Directory for a practitioner near you.