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Thank you for listening to our episode on The Beautifully Broken Podcast! We love Freddie's exploration of the hero's journey and how our greatest superpowers may come from being "beautifully" broken. This show demonstrates how people can use wellness technology and mindset to amplify the body's ability self-heal, and we are here for it! We are on a parallel path, helping people tap into their nervous systems to recover faster from injury, overcome pain, optimize movement, and amplify the benefits of exercise.

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Freddie Kimmel

Podcast Host and Wellness Advocate

How the The NeuFit® System Works

1. Identify

1. Identify

The “software” of the nervous system controls everything related to health, recovery, and performance. We perform a series of manual muscle tests plus map your body with the Neubie to precisely identify the underlying nervous system issues that delay recovery.

2. Reset

2. Reset

We use manual therapy and neurological stimulation with the Neubie to change those neurological patterns and very quickly re-educate the body back to a state of more normal, optimal functioning.

3. Breakthrough

3. Breakthrough

By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along - it was just lying dormant, unable to be expressed.

Who's Using The NeuFit® System &
Neubie® Device?

We work with patients seeking to restore lost function or resolve chronic pain, athletes who want to recover faster from injury or surgery, and busy people who want a more efficient, effective and sustainable approach to fitness.


Supercharge your practice

When you care obsessively about patient outcomes and results, you reach a little farther. Serving your patients at the highest level serves your practice too. Better, faster and longer lasting outcomes help your practice to stand out and be ready to welcome more patients as you scale and grow.

Sustain peak performance

Neurological stimulation means you can notice the differences quickly. Most patients whose movement dysfunction is robbing them of peak performance see tangible progress on their first visit. This motivates them to pursue and achieve their fitness and performance goals.


Technology to enhance natural processes

When we focus on the body’s nervous system, we impact virtually everything because the nervous system controls every muscle movement. Stimulating the nervous system helps the body to send the right signals to heal itself from injury, build muscle, and create good health. It’s about enhancing natural processes to transform how quickly and how well we heal.

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