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Transverse Myelitis Patient

"For me, a patient with transverse myelitis, being able to use the Neubie to e-stim glutes, hip flexors, quadriceps ect, below my level of injury is like shining a light in the dark. Making the effort to activate those muscle groups as we work through an E-stimed training exercise has reversed my atrophy, built muscle and sensation and is a concrete reminder of how the muscles and bones of lower extremities work and feel. In the time I’ve used the Neubie I’ve regained my core strength and sitting stability, more and more of the muscle sensation and proprioception in my legs in no small part because of the FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) sessions that I do regularly."


Acute Flaccid Myelitis Patient


Francisco was affected from the brainstem down. He is quad/power chair dependent and requires ventilation at night. Francisco also needed a tracheostomy and nurse care 5 days per week. 

Prior to the Neubie he went to outpatient therapy 2-3 times per week for PT, OT, and Speech Therapy. Francisco has used various stim devices in the past, but had very little tolerance to them and found it difficult to get good therapeutic ranges.  

His family discovered the Neubie from an AFM Facebook page and consulted the NeuFit Team in Austin, Texas in the hopes to increase global strength, stimulate any muscle activation, and to just get another tool that they can use to advance his mobility. 

Since Francisco has multiple areas that can be treated, they had to focus on a few and have seen some major gains! His breathing has improved, specifically his tolerance for wearing a mask and the ability to get deeper breaths. Prior to working on the Neubie he was not able to tolerate the mask at all and now he is going to a full day of school and only taking minimal mask breaks!

Another goal of Francisco’s was to increase movement in his right hand. The Neubie has helped improve his supination & pronation, elbow flexion and shoulder flexion. Francisco’s Bilateral Lower Extremities (BLE) and standing has improved tremendously. He is also moving his BLE more while in his chair and is able to get to positions that he was not able to before. 

Overall, The Neubie has given Francisco a greater understanding on how to handle his current body and make adaptations to better his function.

Before Neubie Treatment


During Neubie Treatment


After Neubie Treatment